Photoshop/Lightroom image editing requirement

If you are Looking to expand your team and would want to hire experienced people for photo editing portraits and landscapes, then we are here to help you.

We charge $.50-$3 USD per edit depending on the estimated difficulty of the image, depending on client needs. Portraits/landscape can typically take 5-10min of editing, whereas fictional edits may take 20-40min for a seasoned professional.

32 bit png to 24 bit jpg project

It’s just yesterday we received a fresh request from a client who deals in household furniture.

He also sell office and antique furniture so he had some household product images like basic furniture images tables, chairs etc. So his request was to change the bitrate of these furniture pictures from 32bit to 24 bits. This was a unique request and was a pretty easy job for us since we just had to save these PNG wood furniture images to JPG files without losing quality and make sure all images have white background.

We finished the job within an hour and they were like 430 images.

We could have done it the hard way by doing it manually save for web but instead we did it smart way by simply creating action and batch processed all at once. Saved our clients time.

See you soon with more updates.

Hello Pixel

This is our first blog post ever since we have launched our website back in 2006. We have been working with clients on their images requirement and just couldn’t get through blogs and now we have decided to launch our blog to help users with whatever we know about image editing. keep checking our page for more interesting stuff.