Monthly Archives: December 2018

eCommerce photos editor

If you are selling products online, like so many people today? How can you stand out?

  • You need product image retouching because you run an e-commerce business, or you’re a professional photographer specialized in commercial product and fashion photography.
  • Your product image should make a great first impression on your customers, so they are more likely to buy from you.
  • It is very important that your photos look realistic because you want to build trust with your clients.

Our clients are eCommerce entrepreneurs or professional product and fashion photographers. Their main concern is for the images to look clean and natural, deadlines to be met every time, and communication with the editor to be regular and professional.

Urgent images cutout service

Our service is best fit for a medical supply company and images cut out for medical community for disposable and durable medical products such as image cutting of bandages, syringes cut out, pixel by pixel gloves cutting, creams or tubes image cutting, complex images of wheelchairs tracing, crutches clipping etc.

We have been photoshopping these product lines and would like to be at your service to cut out the backgrounds using masks and create transparent files and adjust the color of these images.

If you have urgent images that need to be cut and put onto a white background please contact us immediately on whatsapp 8700078014